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Smart Generosity - reversing the dependency paradigm

Updated: May 17, 2021

From Dependency to Empowerment for military and civilian family members.

At OBI we are practicing a kind of “Smart Generosity” in our projects. Serving military and civilian family members sometimes requires assistance to provide opportunities for the whole community to benefit.

Kizigo Corn Mill provides good paying jobs to villigers

Let me explain by using a short allegory.

“Once there was a generous, compassionate person walking along a path next to a wall. As she walked, she heard the sound of crying from the other side of the wall. So, she called over to find out what was the matter. A voice came back from the other side; “I’m starving.” So, this generous person went quickly to get some resources, food and money, and threw those things over the wall. And the crying stopped. She went away feeling pleased and gratified.”

“But the next day, the generous person was walking along by the same wall, and she heard the crying again. So, this time, she climbed over the wall to find out who was there and what was causing such need. She used her resources and know-how as they worked together to identify the root causes of the need and come up with a plan to implement a sustainable solution. And the crying stopped for good.” We call this Smart Generosity.

Jeff Davis distributes eggs to school kids in Mozambique

At OBI, we are practicing smart generosity in our projects like the egg farm in Mozambique, and corn mill in Kizigo Uganda (Emmaus School) and the water purification system in Sierra Leone. Also, new projects as we grow Olive Branch Ukraine and use this as a pilot program to implement in other countries.

If you’re interested in changing the paradigm from dependency to empowerment, we’d love to help you get involved. Visit our website and check out our partnership with Emmaus School in Uganda, or the hospital chaplaincy we support in Sierra Leone.

It will get you thinking about smart generosity – join us in these sustainable solutions.


Jeff Davis

Board Member

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