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Taking Ukraine Training Model to Africa - by Nancy Jernigan, PhD

Updated: Mar 5

For many years, the OBI board has realized the chaplaincy training model created by the Olive Branch team in Ukraine (OBU) at Kiev Theological Seminary would be duplicated in other countries.   When we first launched the chaplaincy and counseling program in Ukraine, we could not have imagined the extent of how God would use it in the future and the tremendous gift it would continue to be during wartime.  Ukraine’s government acknowledges OBU for creating the first chaplaincy school in the history of Ukraine. Now we have an opportunity to do the same in Africa.

Rwanda Counseling Training

This month, an OBI team will be traveling to Rwanda, Africa to continue discussions regarding the launch of a counseling and chaplaincy university school in Rwanda, Africa.  This school will serve all of Africa. The need for military and civilian healing from trauma is essential. For some time we have been supporting many military families in Rwanda through the OBI Community Safety Net program.  Lives have been changed forever through this program. Counseling courses have been piloted in Rwanda in preparation for launching a school.  Jeff Jernigan, PhD has written many courses that have been used in the program remotely with leaders for years.

Jeff teaching on how to handle stress and trauma.

The OBI team has plans to meet with key individuals from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and other key educational organizations and ministries.  We will be discussing certification plans and important structures that need to be put in place.  We know lives will be transformed through these efforts.

Please pray for us and these critical planning appointments, relationships, and meetings.  We also ask for prayer for the many contacts we have in the military, police, security, and academic infrastructure.


Nancy Jernigan, PhD

OBI Board Member; Finance Director


P.S.  If you would like to donate, please designate “RWANDA”.  YOUR donation matters for this project.

Jeff and Nancy Jernigan taught to church and first responder leaders.

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