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Military and civilian families desire to provide emotional and physical support for everyone in their family and yet, the pressures and unique stresses in crisis situations and traumatic events can challenge family unity and cohesion. Many times it is necessary to come alongside a family or a group of families to meet their current needs following a crisis.



OBI and our vast international volunteer teams reach out to military and civilian spouses and their families to provide tangible skills, encouragement, and support.  

OBI has educational and support groups worldwide, providing physical, emotional and spiritual encouragement to deal with trauma and crisis situations.  This includes dealing with separation from family, the effects of stress on family members, and reintegrating families after separation.  This can come from military deployments, natural disasters, and traumatic events.


Summer English Camps are offered to teens, delivering both educational, emotional, spiritual as well as recreational benefits combating stress and undue pressure.



OBI has been involved in over 300 projects
in 22 countries on 3 continents

Where We Have Served

Canada  |  Cambodia  | Haiti  |  Malaysia  |  Moldova  |  Mozambique  |  Romania  | Rwanda

Sierra Leone  |  South Africa  |  Sri Lanka  |  Uganda  |  Ukraine 

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