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Not only are military personnel the principal victims of war, the service-members are typically first responders at times of national calamity and emergency.  In Sri Lanka, many soldiers who also lost homes and family members additionally themselves were the caregivers and medical-response personnel on the scene.  In Sierra Leone the same situation existed.   In Ukraine and Moldova some of the greatest needs are dealing with PTSD and providing both military and civilian leadership with knowledge and necessary preparation to help others avoid burnout and self-directed violence.

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OBI’s task is to develop and provide training that meets the needs of both military and civilian hospital and healthcare professionals in a crises situation. These trainings prepare medical personnel to handle the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of their patients.


In addition, medical needs worldwide extend from the most elementary such as basic first aid items to the most complex such as hard to find medical supplies.  Sometimes supplies are needed immediately and because we have an infrastructure set up we can meet these needs swiftly.  


Whether it is medical or mental health training or medical supplies our goal is to meet the critical needs at a crises moment.  Addressing the needs of body, mind, and spirit.



OBI has been involved in over 300 projects
in 22 countries on 3 continents

Where We Have Served

Canada  |  Cambodia  | Haiti  |  Malaysia  |  Moldova  |  Mozambique  |  Romania  | Rwanda

Sierra Leone  |  South Africa  |  Sri Lanka  |  Uganda  |  Ukraine 

Where We Have Served

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