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New, relevant and updated information is needed in many places we serve.  OBI typically enters a nation only after solicitation by, and upon the invitation of, senior foreign military or governmental officials. This method of entry facilitates meeting our goal to “train-the-trainers,” that is, afford military and government leaders access to OBI-sponsored subject-matter experts so that they, in turn, might train indigenous personnel in matters of interest. Militaries, the world over, yearn to learn more about topics such as crisis intervention, trauma, combat stress, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and effective interpersonal counseling. OBI meets those needs. As OBI addresses issues affecting the mind (training and educational programs) and the body (medical programs), it also provides a remedy to the crises of the human spirit through the avenue of chaplaincy program development.



Toward that end, our solutions are many. OBI educates through the development of hospital healthcare professionals and military chaplains.  We provide training and tailored curriculums to meet the needs of a variety of situations.  The proper format and specific content of each curriculum will be discussed and developed in collaboration with the appropriate military and governmental authorities.  OBI’s desire is to meet needs, holistically, by addressing issues of the body, mind, and spirit.  

OBI has been involved in over 300 projects
in 22 countries on 3 continents

Where We Have Served

Canada  |  Cambodia  | Haiti  |  Malaysia  |  Moldova  |  Mozambique  |  Romania  | Rwanda

Sierra Leone  |  South Africa  |  Sri Lanka  |  Uganda  |  Ukraine 

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