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Persistent Effects of War - OBI is There

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Dear Friends –

Our humanitarian work in Ukraine continues to grow, expand, and meet the needs of people hurting around the country. We have a committed group of chaplains who work with Valentyn to help address the trauma, pain, and stress.

The trauma has been extensive, and it takes a significant amount of resilience to stand up under the ongoing pressures of war. Our continued partnerships, friendships, and teachings are a lifeline to our team and volunteers who work tirelessly serving those in need. We are providing much needed medicines, supplies, basic needs, building supplies, transportation, repairs, non-combat military supplies, and more. The needs are relentless.

Valentyn is expanding and opening new chaplaincy training in Cherkasy. We have a main contact there who is a pastor of a church and one of the hospital chaplains who graduated from the KTS chaplaincy program. Valentyn and Marina will be a part of opening ceremonies at this new chaplaincy school in Cherkasy.

The online chaplaincy training programs have expanded to include students from KTS, church members, and public volunteers from a variety of associations. The OBI team continues to assist Valentyn with teachers both in person and online with experience in PTSD, trauma, Biblical counseling, pastoral counseling as well as teaching biblical concepts on suffering, fear, faith, and soul care practices.

We will also be participating in the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches Pastoral Conference. This will include special training to address the trauma everyone is experiencing. Olive Branch Ukraine continues to support the program of "Pastoral Chaplain Leadership" at the KTS.

Chaplain (Lt Col - US Air Force Reserve) David Williams will continue to teach at KTS including further training in The Administration of Chaplain Service. Jeff and Nancy Jernigan continue mental health disaster management training for OBU on a bi-weekly basis.

Zhanna continues to hold online meetings and training for women to support them in dealing with trauma, PTSD, and the effects of stress. She has led retreats and events that go deeper on these subjects as well. This is a critical leadership development program.

Stay tuned for further partnerships updates in an effort to assist in rebuilding Ukraine.


Nancy Jernigan, PhD

Board Member/Finance Director

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