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Merry Christmas!!

This year has been a breakthrough year for Olive Branch International. We saw profound results at Ukraine English Camps, Moldova English Camp, Ukraine chaplain training and outreach as well as the Sierra Leone chaplain service and growth.

Thank you to the many OBI volunteers, workers and donors as you provided for military families, our mental health trainings and educational services. A special thank you to the many OBI supporters who invited travelers from all over the world into your home. YOUR generosity in all of these areas created a wide outreach of service and influence reaching to the ends of the world. YOU are one critical reason we are so passionate about our work.

OBI incorporated several new programs which also included addressing nutritional issues for children, world hunger and child educational programs serving both military families and civilian families in great need. Our main outreach will always be to the military community, these additional programs increased our reach in very important humanitarian efforts serving military families and those they touch. Our military reach has broadened through new CLUB RUTH groups which continue to serve and support military wives and families in need of healing, addressing PTSD and other important mental health issues.

The areas we are expanding into include Croatia, Mozambique and Uganda, Africa. In addition, we continue to research and survey new territory such as chaplain education and service in Rwanda. Undeniably, OBI chaplains continue to change the landscape where they serve.

Will you consider this CHRISTMAS SEASON helping with these life-saving efforts?

Your SPECIAL GIFT brings hope, peace and joy to those in need!!

Thank you for your support!

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board

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