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Merry Christmas!!

This holiday season we have been reminded what a tragedy suicide is for families and friends in our military community. We have been working internationally for more than two decades with Ministries of Defense and Health to minimize the incidence of burnout and suicidal ideation with significant results. It is challenging, difficult, and occasionally discouraging work. But there are moments of rejoicing as well.

Military organizations on three continents have seen the decrease, and often elimination, of self-directed violence due to our work along with the work of a number of excellent organizations to address this need that knows no boundaries. Children, adolescents, and adults all can be victims. In one country struggling with this challenge in their military as well as civilian population half of those taking their own lives are children.

A team of OBI Chaplains uniquely qualified, two internationally recognized mental health professionals, led by our President Bruce Kittleson, have been engaged in training military and civilian medical personnel and social workers in the diagnosis and treatment of stress fatigue, stress disorders, and suicidal ideation.

Your SPECIAL GIFT will allow the team to continue this work. DONATE NOW.

Christmas in Ukraine

Early intervention is key as well as sustained wide-area training. Will you consider this Christmas Season helping Bruce and our team continue this life-life-saving effort? Simply put “Moldova” on your year-end gift and help make sure this vital project continues. You are the difference-maker that can save life through your generosity.

Your support will make an immediate difference. Thank you for your support!

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

OBI Board Member Chairman

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