Life Change All Over The World by Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Dear Friends ~

Olive Branch Ukraine Chaplains Graduation Spring 2019 with Valentyn Korenevych

Now that it is July, I am reminded of how much we have accomplished already, and we are only halfway through the year!  In the last six to eight months our board members and volunteers have been busy:

* Graduated a new class of chaplains in Olive Branch Ukraine, Spring 2019

* Completed a mental health field survey in Rwanda for our Saddleback Church partner

* Taught pastors and health professionals in Rwanda, counseled with major church leaders

* Engaged in strategic conversations regarding establishing a Rwandan Chaplaincy

* Launched youth English Camps in Moldova and Ukraine’s 

* Attended the chaplains conference, seminary graduation, and reunion in Kiev, Ukraine

* Expanded egg farming in Mozambique and moved into disaster relief after two hurricanes

* Began planning for a medical clinic in Uganda supporting a large K-12 Christian school

* Coached a ministry partner, Simple Group, in Bangkok, Thailand

* Received invitations to work with the military in Sri Lanka and Croatia

* Entertained an invitation from Moldova to continue our work with the military

* Held two quarterly board meetings, reporting progress on developing corporate partners

* Met with Rwanda consular officials regarding next steps, receiving a warm thank you from President Paul Kagami

* Brought Marketplace Ministries Worldwide alongside as a sister organization serving Uganda and Mozambique Africa as well as Cambodia. 

* Completed moving the office from VA to CA and were gifted with an interim Financial Director

* Engaged a new CPA and migrated to a new online financial management platform

* Launched a new OBI website.

These all represent significant progress that would not be possible without your encouragement, support, and volunteer efforts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeff Jernigan, PhD, LPC, BCPPC

Chairman of the Board

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Olive Branch International (OBI) is dedicated to serving military and civilian families through medical and healthcare needs, educational training and family support.  Simply put, as a non-government organization, we respond to invitations by foreign governmental and military leaders to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide.  We provide long-term face-to-face, heart-to-heart care, compassion, and concern as we work to prevent or assist in the healing efforts of emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


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