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International Partners Experiencing New Breakthroughs by Diane Carnahan

Dear Friends -

We hope this day finds you well and seeing a bright future every day. Hopefully your life has afforded you new insights, relationships and exciting transitions. As for Olive Branch International we are moving forward and thriving in new and creative ways.

Recently Chaplain Dave Williams returned from a week in Kiev where he was teaching another class of chaplains at Kiev Theological Seminary. Dave is a pastor and a reserve Air Force Chaplain. He anticipates many more opportunities like this in Ukraine and in other countries where the need for chaplains is great.

Even this week, Bruce Kittleson has traveled to Croatia for a conference where he hopes to solidify plans for possible programs in Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria. Everything was put on hold during the pandemic. And we are still exploring the opportunities in Africa.

On Bruce’s return flight next week, he will pass part of our OBI women’s team in the sky. They will be on their way to Ukraine for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Women’s Ministry, Club Ruth. They will be joined the next week by the rest of the team. On October 30-31 they will gather with nearly 100 women from Ukraine who are part of the military women’s ministry across Ukraine in nearly 20 oblasts. I will be part of the second group of women, and I am excited to share in this event with my sisters in the Lord. You can see me here on the left. It has been 8 years since I have been able to go, so it is an extra blessing this time and a tribute to the Lord’s faithfulness in many ways.

Diane and Marina in Ukraine

Please join with us to pray for this event as well as other new Olive Branch projects being planned for the future. Please pray for safety as we travel and for good health in light of the current pandemic situation. We are thankful for Dave, Bruce the OBI Women’s team and many others who are working to serve these international critical needs.

There is a lot going on as we come out of these dark days of the pandemic. We know that the Lord is sovereign, and we are not fearful regarding the road ahead. Please consider your involvement through prayer and donations to support this important work.

In His service,

Diane Carnahan,

OBI Board Member

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