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English Camp Brings Hope in Time of War by Diane Carnahan

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Dear Friends -

The devastating news that the site of the annual OBI English camp was destroyed could have left us hopeless and discouraged. However last month Olive Branch Ukraine successfully completed the first session of a 6-day English camp anyway! Valentyn Korenevych and his team in Kiev hosted camp at the Way of Truth Church and gave these teens a sense of normalcy during these treacherous times. Another session is scheduled before the end of August!

Ukraine English Camp in War Time

Thank God for these opportunities in times like this. Even though the Americans were not able to help this year, military teens did not miss out on this wonderful experience. This time and discussion help them deal with the trauma and stress of war.

During the six exciting days of camp military teens

  • enjoyed worship

  • practiced their English with games and conversation

  • heard Bible lessons

  • learned robotics!

Ukrainian translators who first learned English at these camps over the last 20 years took the place of the American teachers. We are thankful for this foundation which is now the basis for this camp during time of war! The special feature was the opportunity to learn some robotics. They were able to create some computer games on JAVA, learn some 3-D modeling and more.

Friendships and Discussions Bring Hope!

Just like at any camp special friendships and memories are made. Discussion, friendships, and interactive lessons help them build the resilience they need to face the uncertain future and gives hope.

Thank God for opportunities in times like this. We have watched our Ukrainian counterparts from afar and it is hard not to be there.

Testing the Robotics. Fantastic Design.

We are thankful for the wonderful support we have received for Ukraine Care. We have been able to support activities like the camp as well as many, many other humanitarian services.

That’s who we are, and we can’t do it without your support.


Diane Carnahan

Board Member


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