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English Camp 2023 & Mental Wellness Emphasis

Dear Friends -

Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and generous donations. Olive Branch International continues to support many humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, Rwanda, and all around the world.

This is the time of year when our team is preparing for an eventful summer including English Camp and so many other activities. OBI is in our 22nd year of supporting English Camp for military teens. After the devastating news the annual OBI English Camp site was destroyed in the war, we have been hosting a group of Ukrainian teens much closer to home.

This year, Valentyn and our Ukraine English Camp leadership will be headed further out to a wonderful camp site in the western mountains of Ukraine. Similar to the last few years, American’s will not be able to attend and share the leadership responsibilities. So, this year, Valentyn has gathered a team of leaders who are prepared to translate, teach, disciple, encourage and worship in the middle of an ongoing war.

We thank God for the ability to host the camp at a time when teens need time to process, discuss, learn, and lean of God in profound ways. Discussions will take place encouraging authentic relationships and conversations dealing with extensive stress, trauma, and PTSD.

As usual many will expand their knowledge of English through reading, Bible lessons and conversation. Many translators started attending English Camp numerous years ago and now have a passion to help other military teens grow and learn.

Special friendships will be forged, and important memories will be made through this time of interactive lessons. Time to process and deal with stress is a key element to building resilience for the future.

In the past many of you may have financially supported an American member of the team. Please consider continuing your support of this special program even if the Americans are not attending.

Thank you again for your partnership with us! Your help is critical!!

Many Blessings,

Nancy Jernigan, PhD

Finance Director, Board Member

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