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Deep Roots Bear Fruit by Jeff Jernigan

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Because we have been delivering healthcare, education, and leadership development to the international military community for more than twenty-five years, our ministry has organically expanded to serve other related agencies including Ministries of Health and Education on three continents. Here are just a few examples:

Ongoing work with Ukrainian military organizations has expanded to include additional English Camps, work with hospitals as mentioned in our last newsletter, ministry to military families as well as non-military families closely associated with Club Ruth, and the development of a school for training chaplains for military and non-military service.

The Emmaus School, Omuto, Uganda - Dormitory, Grain Mill, Well - Marketplace Ministries Worldwide

Over the last four years these accomplishments drew the attention of the Moldovan Ministry of Defense regarding the prevention of burnout and suicide, and has spread at their request to the Moldovan Ministry of Health and their efforts with the civilian population.

The chaplaincy school in Kiev, Ukraine sparked interest in developing a chaplaincy in Sierra Leone which is now expanding to other hospitals. Church organizations with the support of Ministries of Health and Education in Cameroon and Rwanda have developed an interest in military chaplaincy as a result of our mental health education and training with civilian populations in Moldova and Rwanda.

Our work in Sri Lanka with the military after the tsunami led to further invitations, and created interest in which Malaysia we have responded to in kind. Cambodia, Uganda, and Mozambique have all benefited by lessons learned in these places, and now are providing insights into micro-enterprise solutions to poverty and disease we can use with military veterans. This is largely the result of the work our sister organization, Marketplace Ministries Worldwide has done in many of these same places. One such place is in Omuto, Uganda, Emmaus School in the picture above.

Yes, we will keep focusing on the international military community, knowing that this focus has an impact on virtually every community, military and civilian, where our work goes on. Thank you for your part in making this a truly global ministry.

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board

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