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YOUR Help is Needed to Complete Moldova Project

Bruce Kittleson, OBI President, got a call while in a taxi traveling from the Kiev, Ukraine airport to the Olive Branch Ukraine (OBU) offices. It was the Moldovan Ministry of Defense calling. They wanted to talk to Bruce the following Monday about a problem with suicide impacting children, adolescents, and adults across their country. Incredibly, they had reached out to their counterparts in the Ukrainian government who told them to talk to OBI because we had been successful in helping them with similar challenges. That was the beginning of a three year ministry which is now near completion.

Many organizations within Moldova and resources from outside the country have been involved in this project. Our specific role involved training physicians, social workers, and other healthcare professionals how to prevent and treat stress fatigue, stress disorders, burnout, post traumatic stress disorder, and self-directed violence in military and civilian populations. I was thrilled to have the privilege of working on this part of the larger effort. I was even more joyful that OBI had a part in bringing healing, health, and hope to this beautiful country.

We need your help completing this project. Our final engagement, the final mile so-to-speak, occurs in February 2020. Would you please consider designating a special gift to this “Moldova Crisis Project?” Your support translates directly into changed lives rescued from desperation.

We will be leaving behind an infrastructure strengthened for the future!

Sincerely in Christ,

Jeff Jernigan, PhD, LPC, BCPPC

Chairman of the Board

Medical Programs Director

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