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Urgent Need For Vehicle For OBU Director

Valentyn Korenevych has been faithfully serving the ministry of Olive Branch Ukraine in several capacities for many years.

His responsibilities include:

· Oversees the ministry of OBU to the military in Ukraine, including chaplain training, women’s ministry, English Camps and more.

· Manages, recruits, and teaches at the chaplain school in Kiev Theological Seminary. No assistant has been found to help with this project.

· Pastors a church which serves many of the young people who have attended the English Camp for teens over the last 20 years. The church recently observed its 10-year anniversary. Recently some elders have been appointed to help with this work.

For the last two years Valentyn has experienced back pain which makes riding public transportation to the seminary (1.5 hours each way from his home) extremely uncomfortable. Some days the pain and numbness in his head, neck, and legs as well as fatigue restricts him from returning home to his wife and family. He sleeps in his office. Valentyn asks for very little.

He is a humble man who serves sacrificially, and we know a vehicle would greatly improve his quality of life and would be advantageous for the entire ministry. We are appealing to you, our OBI friends, to respond to this situation by helping us raise about $8000 for Valentyn to buy a vehicle which would enable him to travel to and from this valuable work more easily.

Your Gift is a True Blessings,

Bruce Kittleson

Founder / President

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