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New Rwanda Chaplaincy Project

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Friends, we hope your summer has started off well and you are enjoying some much-needed time with family and friends. I would like to share about an exciting project and upcoming plans in Rwanda Africa.

Jeff, Nancy & Joel (Rwanda Staff) with Rwanda Community Leaders

The OBI Rwanda team has begun planning the inaugural launch trip to Rwanda to begin organizing, training and establishing a mental health chaplaincy college as part of an exiting university. We hope the trip can happen in the fall of this year. This project will be an iterative process requiring meetings with the Ministries of Health, Education and Defense. The mental health chaplaincy will include content to train military, hospital, and prison chaplains, lay counselors, peer coaches as well as marriage and family coaches and much more. We plan to partner with other organizations to bring this premier institute to fruition. It is an exciting and highly needed humanitarian service.

We are committed to continuing to share life-changing stories from our volunteers, team leaders, board members and more. These “real” stories change lives for the better – eternally. Our sponsors and contacts in Rwanda have shared “this chaplaincy college is coming at a needed time”. We plan to share more stories soon.

We have many partners who are passionate about our international service, and generosity that makes OBI the organization we are today. They have said we are “changing lives all over the world”.

Jeff & Nancy in Kibuye, Rwanda

Traveling internationally is no simple feat. It takes a lot of preparation, commitment, and hard work on the part of many on the team in many places.

There is so much need in 2021 and leading into 2022 – Will you consider a special gift this month to the Rwanda Chaplaincy?

Thank you, friends, for your faithful support and generosity. Your gift makes a huge difference!

P.S. - Please pray for the people of Rwanda as they still are experiencing significant health and life challenges due to COVID-19. Many lives lost, people out of work and hardships.


Nancy Jernigan

Finance Director / Board Member

Downtown Kigali, Rwanda

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