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New Poultry Coop in Rapale, Mozambique.

This new poultry coop is being organized by John Wayne Kennedy, our Marketplace Missionary, in Mozambique.  His pastoral roll at their local church in Rapale creates opportunities for John Wayne and Tarryn to use their professional skills for ministry in the community.  They are empowering their neighbors to provide for their own basic needs, as a witness to the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel. This is what drives the Kennedy's work and their passion for the equipping ministries they have shepherded over the years.

John Wayne leading a children's Bible Club

They have moved to an apartment, much closer to where Tarryn teaches, and tell us it’s really starting to feel like home. Our partnership with Chris Ordway and, continues to provide eggs for essential nutrition to kids in local schools. A recent rain storm blew the roof off the chicken barn next to the church, which is under repair now.

In his latest correspondence with our Executive Team Members, Jeff and Nancy Jernigan, John Wayne wrote, “I’ve been doing some consulting work for a few start up farms, which has provided income for our family. It's amazing, and we've marveled at this before, God provides at just the right time.”

Tarryn has officially graduated from Law School and will be pursuing her masters degree. Her passion for children’s social justice issues compels her toward work concerning poverty and hunger. This will be the focus of her ongoing ministry initiatives with MMW.

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