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Military Families Sacrificing Heroically!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Dear Friends -

The team at Olive Branch International would like to thank you, all the many supporters, donors, family members and team members who have served our country with honor and courage.

Military life is a very important part of life for our family. I am writing this letter to you on Veteran’s Day when our family celebrates many in our family who have served and many who are currently serving proudly. As you may know, my husband Jeff, a Marine has served our country valiantly and our two boys Dan and Michael still serve as Marines having risked their lives many times and have life changing stories to share both inspiring and heartbreaking. Our son-in-law Keith flew with the Air Force and National Guard for many years and now is a Delta pilot while he still serves his country through special military projects and simulator testing. In addition, my dad, Wally was a pilot and war hero in the Army Air Corp later named the Air Force flying very different planes than what Keith fly’s. Jeff’s dad was a decorated hero of Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal. We have other aunts, uncles and extended family who have served as well.

I shared this family heritage because the Board and our team at Olive Branch International each have personal military stories to share that help drive our continued passion serving the military around the world. The uniforms may vary, yet we know the problems, effects, need for healing, health, hope and encouragement is the same all around the world. We know this too well personally and professionally.

Our team is serving military families in Ukraine, Moldova, Sierra Leone and now Croatia. Watch for our expanded work in Croatia, Rwanda and Mozambique. 2020 will surely prove to be an exciting year for OBI. We write curriculum, send counselors, bring solutions, share knowledge and offer encouragement to military personnel and their families in order to change the world for the better. To extend the existing courage!

YOUR support, volunteerism, donations and prayers are all changing the lives of those we serve. This year, as always, we would like to thank all the many volunteers as well. So many men and women went on trips, invited travelers into their home and gave sacrificially to all these ministries.

This month we say THANK YOU to the many who have given sacrificially in so many ways.

Thank you for joining us!!


Nancy Jernigan

Board of Directors

Finance Director

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