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Emmaus School in Uganda & New Health Center

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Olive Branch International has a few special projects for you to consider for

Giving Tuesday on December 1, such as the Emmaus School

Geoff Horn (left) Moses and Jeff Davis (Right)

Geoff Horn serves as the Chaplain of the San Diego Padres baseball team. He is a leader who is passionate about educating and creating opportunities for upcoming generations in Uganda. Geoff also serves as the International Director of Omuto Uganda which operates Emmaus School, which is a Nursery, Primary and Secondary School. Olive Branch partnered with Omuto Uganda beginning in April 2017 to provide support and administrative services. Moses Muwanguzi, the President of Omuto Uganda and the Founder/Director of Emmaus School (established in 2016) started with an inaugural class of 350 students and has led the growth of the school to now over 900 students. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education for developing and nurturing the educational, physical, social and vocational needs of vulnerable children.

Emmaus School Omuto Uganda

Emmaus School’s vision is to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children who live in various communities of Uganda through quality education, recreational activities promoting strong bodies and creative development along with healthcare services. The Emmaus School educates children ages preschool through high school as well as provides the needed water and healthcare in order to develop strong vibrant children who are able to learn and grow in a healthy environment. Some children walk over 4 or 5 miles to get to the school, so in response, a new dormitory has been built and electricity brought to the property. The school is still in need of many added facilities, faculty, and other resources.

The goal in 2021 is to build an extensive health center with full facilities, medical equipment reducing HIV, AIDS and other significant diseases. In addition, new boys' and girls' dormitory facilities are needed to accommodate growth and demand. It is anticipated parents of students will make use of the medical facility, as well, since it will provide the highest level of care within the region.

Donors will help build an extensive health center at Omuto Uganda as well as expand classrooms, educational materials, computer equipment, facilities, hire teachers, expand educational programs, maintain and expand dorms and expand the simple health care offerings into a full healthcare service. So much more work is needed here including vocational services, computer services, training services that cater to the proper education, nurturing and cultivation of children and youth in Uganda.

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Nancy Jernigan, PhD

Board Member / Finance Director

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