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Do you love caring for children?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

As you may know, a portion of our humanitarian efforts through Olive Branch Ukraine go to supporting, helping and serving children in the local Cherkassy Hospital. Right now they have an immediate need for children’s bed sheets. You can imagine the ongoing needs in hospitals are extensive.

Board Member Caroline Grubb loves the kids

These efforts continue to grow as the needs increase. We continue to hear from Valentyn and our team that the Olive Branch chaplains, that face to face time with children, wounded military personnel, and single mothers is essential. It provides encouragement and inspiration which are desperately needed. We pay special attention to the children, who undergo treatments. One of our priorities is to the children, both orphans and children left by parents.

Please join me in praying for, supporting and encouraging our OBI friends and military families around the world as we serve children and families who have extensive medical needs.

Your support delivers hope and meets the needs of so many in Ukraine. In addition to supporting orphans in Ukraine, the chaplains serve many of the spiritual and physical needs of military adults in hospitals.

Please consider a special gift to provide the kids' bed sheets? DONATE NOW

**** Whether you donate online or by check just write in “Kids' Bed Sheets”.

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