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COVID-19 & English Camp Update by Jeff Jernigan

Hi Friends ~

We pray for you often and are grateful for your courage during this difficult time. May you and your family continue to be safe and healthy! In my work as a clinical psychologist I have the chance to rub elbows with many physicians. When I hear dubious anecdotal practices on the news when it comes to protecting ourselves and others from the Corona virus, I always ask them for advice. Are these remedies speculation or fact? Here are some solid answers about what works.

  1. The Coronavirus is a protein surrounded by fat. If the protective layer of the fat breaks down, the protein quickly breaks down as well. Solvents dissolve fats. Hand sanitizer that contain 60% alcohol or higher is a solvent that breaks down fat and breaks down the protein. So does soap. So does temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why hand hygiene is so important and a mainline defense for our health.

  2. The virus can infect us only if it reaches our lungs. That makes wearing masks also very important. The virus is spread through minuscule droplets that can find their way to our lungs if inhaled, or through our mouth, nose, and eyes and then on to our lungs. Our eyes are connected to our nose through the drainage system that carries tears away. This is why wearing masks that help prevent us from touching our face are so important. Social distancing keeps us out of range from most risks.

  3. If we are conscientious about hand hygiene, using our masks when we are out and about, and social distancing we are very well protected. When we are in crowds, shaking hands or hugging people, the risk goes up. It is the simple things that will protect us the most.

All of our ministries around the world are still operating with the appropriate precautions. The biggest impact has been the limitations on travel. We cannot get to them, and they cannot come to us. We can and do connect often through video calls and email. Fortunately, we have faithful women and men on the ground on three continents continuing to serve sacrificially. Please pray for their ministry, their health, and for the lives they are touching!

Thank you for your faithfulness,

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board

P.S. OBI Ukraine English Camp is still happening with Valentyn and his team. No US team will be traveling to Ukraine. Your special donation would be a great help to this years English Camp.

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