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2023 Women's Conference in Ukraine by Caroline Grube

Dear Friends -

Women from across Ukraine are gathering in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine in early August to seek the Lord’s guidance as they continue to face the challenges of life “when war has come into their homes”. This is the theme of the 3-day conference, the first since the OBI Women’s Conference in October 2021. They will be looking to Biblical examples of women who were courageous, wise, determined, and faithful to the Lord and their country…Esther, Deborah, and Abigail. Americans will also participate virtually addressing such topics as dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, supporting women whose husbands are in hot spots, serving as women in the military, and serving as chaplains in the military.

The sunflower symbolizes Ukraine and the butterfly symbolizes new life.

The women, who will be traveling from across the country of Ukraine, will travel at great risk, but they are eager to come together and seek the Lord in fellowship with each other. Many of them are already actively involved in the Military Christian Women’s Clubs of Olive Branch Ukraine. Their current projects include supporting military and their families…according to their location, their talents, and their resources. Some focus on the military members (making camouflage nets, leading Bible studies and prayer groups, providing medical supplies). Others focus on the needs of the families (holiday programs for children, food packages for the elderly, arts and crafts for women and children, Bible studies and distribution of prayer books, and women’s prison ministry).

Currently these women have Zoom prayer meetings on Mondays and invite our American team to join them on the first Monday of each month. We understand them and their needs better and are privileged to share in their prayer time. They greatly appreciate our prayers and encouragement.

Through the Global Family Support in Ukraine we are able to provide special funds to support specific projects during this time of war. There are financial needs to cover the cost of these needs please consider joining us to support these women.

Caroline Grube

Director of Family Support

Board Member

Assisting the needs of families and the elderly with food packages and medical supplies.

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