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Rwanda - A Land of Hope & Forgiveness by Nancy Jernigan

A team from OBI recently returned from a marvelous trip to Kigali, Rwanda.  Rwanda is known for its resilience and forgiveness yet at the same time they need to address significant trauma and stress among many who have experienced or were impacted by the genocide in 1994.  The country has been deeply affected by both direct trauma and vicarious trauma. The stress they have experienced is considerable.

Mary & Methode Kamanzi, Joel Byiringiro, Linda Sheimo, Nancy & Jeff Jernigan

OBI at the invitation of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Africa and the PEACE Plan Africa, was invited to help establish a counseling and family resource center for military and civilian families.  We have been equipping pastors and social workers and developing an approved curriculum for this concept since 2018.


The Survey Trip elements included:


1)    Our team taught pastors and counselors how to deal with trauma and stress.

2)    We met with various government agencies in connection with developing an All-Africa counseling center for civilian and military families.

3)    We did fact-finding regarding the specific needs of the various agencies.

4)    We discussed the work OBI has done in Ukraine and other countries.

5)    We investigated the needs of public health, government, education, and military audiences. 


There are a number of partners in Rwanda committed to meeting the needs of families in stress, and the healing needed.  They are willing to collaborate and each plan to provide a degree of operational support and funding support.

Our teaching on post-traumatic growth, mental wellness, and hope for individuals, families, and communities, to strengthen the people of Africa was broadly shared by everyone we met.


A proposal consisting of a detailed invitation for the future is in the works. We will keep you, our donors, updated along the way. 




Nancy Jernigan, PhD

Finance Director/Board Member

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