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Our World Turned Upside Down

Olive Branch International began 2020 on the Front Lines

Dear OBI Friends,

Early in 2020 OBI ran a full schedule of events in Eastern Europe. The annual Ukrainian English Camp reunion was another opportunity to encourage teens as well as previous attendees who are now in their 30’s and their own children are teens attending the camps. The reunion was followed by several meetings and trainings for volunteers and OBU military chaplains at Kiev Theological Seminary. In addition Bruce Kittleson, Jeff Jernigan and OBU Chaplains had meetings with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. At one session the Ministry of Defense representative awarded medals of valor to three chaplains. They are highly valued. OBI staff traveled outside Kiev as well to interact with chaplains close to the Ukrainian war front. We take every opportunity to encourage these who are giving so much.

Bruce Kittleson and Jeff Jernigan then traveled to Chisinau, Moldova for a continuation of suicide prevention training with military psychologists. Our presentations were well received.

The OBI board continued making plans for several events in 2020 including English camps in Ukraine, exploratory trips to Africa, a possible Women’s Conference and a major fundraiser in Southern California.

In these challenging times, we don’t have specific dates until Fall 2020. We will return to normal at some point, though we don’t know when that will be. The safety of our staff, volunteers, and ministry partners around the world is of utmost importance to us. We have curtailed in-person activities globally where the situation requires such action. Although our support and encouragement continues through Video meetings, emails, calls and ministry continues in very powerful ways. We encourage all of our ministries to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC.  

Please be in prayer for us and all of our ministry partners throughout the world.  

In the meantime, we trust that you will continue to help us fund some our programs that are continuing in some form. Our Olive Branch Ukraine team and chaplains in Sierra Leone still need to hear from you for their monthly support. Our planning continues and who hope to have teams in-person going to Ukraine, Moldova, Africa and more.  Your gifts make all this possible.

Please consider being an encourager for those who are depending on us.


Diane Carnahan

Board Member

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