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In His Time - By Linda Sheimo

"Blessed be God because He has not rejected my prayer or

removed His steadfast love from me." Psalm 66:20


It is hard to wait on God when the need is immediate. Our board has been praying with Valentyn and his team for over five years for God to provide an OBU assistant.  Praise God Volodomyr Zuikov took on these responsibilities last month.  Valentyn will be able to focus on the accreditation of the chaplaincy program required for all Protestant churches of Ukraine.

Volodomyr and Valentyn

Volodomyr originally lived in Crimea but stayed in Kharkiv after completing his degree in history and archeology.  He has been a teacher most of his life and also has a degree in European and international law and a Master’s degree in psychology. Volodomyr accepted Christ as his Savior when he attended university.  He became an active student, in Christian ministry and has continued to serve God in various capacities. He has been to the front near Kharkiv, in the combat zone multiple times, serving as an assistant chaplain and as a volunteer in the community helping military members and families.

Volodomyr has been serving as an ordained pastor and chaplain in Rokytne, focusing on military members, their families, and family members of fallen heroes.  He is in the process of transitioning to become a member of Way of Truth Church, Kyiv, where Valentyn is the pastor. 

Valentyn has already given him responsibility for most of the administrative duties and has started training in financial accounting.

Jeff and Nancy Jernigan and I had the opportunity to meet Volodymyr on ZOOM and are thrilled to see the trust and confidence of this new team.  We were impatient for God to provide the right person. But God knew we needed to wait for Volodomyr.



Linda Sheimo

Executive Director

Olive Branch International

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