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#Giving Tuesday - Advancing partnerships globally by Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hello Friends -

What a curious year it has been! The pandemic continues to impact how we do life and work around the world, and the constant adjustments and periodic uncertainty wear on us all. However, we can rejoice in our faithfulness, knowing some things, the best things, don’t change much at all. Beautiful sunsets, the voices of our children and grandchildren at play, the privilege of friendships, and the regularity of sunrise again tomorrow remind us that for everything that changes there are things that remain the same.

The Many Places We Serve

It has been gratitude that has sustained me through these difficult times. I am especially grateful for you in this holiday season. For your faithfulness to encourage us in our work, for your generous support enabling us to serve the international military community and their families, and for concern for others not only in our personal circle, but all around the world. Thank you!

All of us here are grateful for the things we have been able to do through this year including a ten-person team of OBI women sweeping through Ukraine over a two-week period for seven events before ending with a conference in Kiev. We were also able to virtually launch a community safety net training program in Rwanda equipping churches to provide basic mental wellness services where very little is available. Work on establishing a chaplaincy school in Central Africa is moving forward, and a survey trip to Croatia has resulted in multiple invitations to serve in other Eastern European countries addressing Suicide prevention, PTSD and other stress related disorders in military and veteran communities.

One of the unique developments throughout the pandemic is learning to use virtual technology to connect, teach, encourage, coach, plan, and execute events across three continents including Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Breakthroughs in technology and methodology now makes it possible to participate in these kinds of events with a personal touch, bringing partnerships, education, and service into the experience in ways previously not possible. In addition, technology allows us to host conferences online, virtual hubs, move projects forward and strengthen relationships virtually all over the globe through webinar and conference platforms. Would you consider a unique gift this season designated to upgrading our technology to be able to be present with people from a distance? The ability to pull people together for life altering interaction across vast distances in a meaningful way will multiply our impact significantly.

On the front lines

Thank you for your partnership! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Kind Regards,

Jeff Jernigan, Chairman

Board of Directors

P.S. You can designate your gifts to technology, Ukraine, Croatia, or Rwanda. All are high needs at this time.

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