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Olive Branch Ukraine Team On The Move by Jeff Jernigan

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Dear Friends -

As the situation in Ukraine has continued to deteriorate, we have been in touch with our team in Kiev and throughout the region. We communicate directly with them using encryption in order to protect their identities and location and are still able to send much needed funds. All are safe at the moment and some have left Kiev for other cities.

Our Chaplains are serving on the front lines while other staff and volunteers are involved in providing humanitarian aid where possible. The growing challenge is to provide food, water, and medical supplies where very little is available even for purchase. This often includes the need for emergency transportation. Please be in prayer for our team!

UPDATE: We have been able to forward funds which has been used to purchase supplies for the hospital, medicine, provide fuel, help and protection for refugees, food and necessities. We are expanding provisions to include supplies such as shoes, boots, blankets, sleeping pads and more for Chaplains and those they serve on the front lines. From Valentyn - "Today, at the door of our rented room called "Olive Branch" and the Church "Way of Truth", I hung an announcement for needy people that those who need food, please contact. We plan to help those who do not have jobs and money for food, especially refugees.

We have begun to look ahead at what the needs will be when rebuilding can begin. Not only will buildings and infrastructure need to be rebuilt but also there will be needs for mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

We are developing a Community Safety Net Program which includes disaster response and coordination for use by our Ukrainian team moving forward. The program will include training chaplains to use this proven approach in the communities they serve. We continue to pray for the safety and well-being of our Ukrainian friends and for ways that we can support them now and in the future.

Pray for our Chaplains who are engaged on the front lines as well as in helping evacuate refugees. Pray for their safety, as well as their courage, energy and wisdom in caring for others.

Pray for our interpreters who take risks every day to move from place to place as needed. Pray for the availability of means for emergency transportation, for safety, and for words of encouragement and instruction as they connect people with resources.

Pray for the faculty and staff of OBU’s seminary in Kiev and their families. Pray that they remain safe in place or are able to move to a place of safety. Pray their children have food to eat and are sheltered from fear.

Pray for an end to this war and healing for nations. Pray for the humanitarian efforts to grow and efforts to reach those cut off by the fighting will be successful. Pray for the health and safety of the refugees, and for healing from the moral injury trauma brings.

Pray for active duty men and women who are a part of the OBI network of on the ground teams. This includes active duty military women and women's clubs on the ground. It also includes former English camp attendees now serving in the military.

Pray for veterans, retired military and reservist who have been called to active duty.

Pray against the evil consuming this nation.

You can provide financial support by going directly to our website: Simply paste this address into your browser and look for the orange Donate button on the opening page. Thank you for being a difference maker through your prayers and support!

In His Grace,

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Medical Programs Director

Valentyn & Mykola

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