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Face to Face Makes All The Difference - by Diane Carnahan

Updated: May 18, 2019

Diane Carnahan - Board Member

In April 2019, the Olive Branch Ukraine (OBU) team came to the U.S for meetings, strategic discussions and to visit with donors and old friends. The OBU team had not been to the US in a number of years even though the OBI team members have been to OBU many times. Valentyn and Marina Korenevych along with Nikolai Dudko visited those who support their Ukrainian program, giving updates and sharing their vision for ministry. Valentyn was all smiles as he encountered old friends and made new ones in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Virginia.

This is the core of relationships that reach across international boundaries. Even with the language barrier, seeing friends face to face brings renewal.

Once Valentyn returned to Ukraine in April, he jumped right into his responsibilities at Kiev Theological Seminar running the Chaplain Training Program. He, along with his wife Marina, completed recruitment for the English Camp for military teens to be held once again in 2019. The camp is 99% full. Another camp in Moldova is also scheduled for this summer due to the success of the camps held in Ukraine the past 20 years.

While a team of Americans assist at the camp, the Ukrainian staff share a great deal of the responsibilities for the organization of games, music and support. It is encouraging to see how they have taken ownership of the program in reaching Ukrainian teens and in following up with them once they finish camp. Valentyn is the Pastor of Way of Truth Church founded in 2009. It first started as a small group for young people after they attended the English Camp and has grown into a vibrant church today.

Way of Truth in 2009

Way of Truth today.

This has truly been a life changing experience for many of them. Valentyn knows first hand how important these special relationships are.

Diane Carnahan

Board Member

Please join the OBI team in supporting another English Camp

in Ukraine or Moldova TODAY!!

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