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Expanding Projects and Partnerships by Jeff Jernigan

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Dear Friends -

Thank you for your continued support for our humanitarian work, now happening on three continents across the globe. Your thoughtful support, words of encouragement, and volunteer spirit make what we do possible. You are changing the world one life at a time! Here are some of the projects we are currently involved in.

Our work in Ukraine continues to expand through the chaplaincy program and the Women’s Community Network. Two other organizations have joined us in our efforts so that together we are providing healthcare, education, and family support while they come alongside providing clothing, blankets, generators, and temporary shelter. These partnerships multiply our impact significantly. We are also exploring the possibility of an English Camp for youth in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer. Conversations with the Olive Branch Ukraine team have already begun.

Our work in Rwanda focused on community safety networks providing training in PTSD and suicide prevention for military and veteran families continues. A Kenyan organization has asked us for help with child and toddler trauma due to violence. We have other requests for help with disaster management and community safety network training from other military organizations in Eastern Europe. Of special interest is our work in peer-coaching for active-duty military personnel as well as veterans.

Rwanda Africa Training

Olive Branch International is enlarging its board in preparation for meeting these demands for expanded services as well as a stronger foundation. Ken Wade has had two careers: one as an Army Officer and one as International Medical Program Manager for the Office of the Surgeon General. His background also includes counseling and urban redevelopment. Click here to read more about Ken Wade on the OBI website.

Ken Wade - Board Member

Thank you again for your partnership with us!

Kind Regards,

Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board

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