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Meet Kelly Molloy

Board Member -

English Camp

"My passion is Traveling and Experiencing New Cultures."
Kelly Molloy has spent almost her entire life in the military environment and culture, living and traveling all over the world. Her passion is traveling and experiencing new cultures. Throughout her life as a military child and spouse she has had wonderful opportunities to live and travel abroad, living in eight countries and many states within the USA. She taught elementary school during many of the different military assignments in the U.S. and overseas. One of the last assignments in the military was in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she taught sixth grade at Kyiv International School.
Kelly has been to the OBI English Camp in Ukraine many times. Currently she and her husband Jim husband Jim are living in Virginia, where she is very involved in Community Bible Study, women’s ministry at church, community group at church, and doing things with the local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter.
Jim and Kelly have two wonderful daughters who are both married. They also have four grandchildren they enjoy immensely. Their youngest daughter, Baylee, also spent several summers at OBI English camp in Ukraine. Kelly has also traveled with her daughter to the Horn of Africa to teach new techniques in jewelry making. Baylee has a business that works with women making jewelry, enabling them to earn a living wage.
There is no doubt in our minds that God led us to OBI. Before we left for our assignment in Ukraine, we met Rick and CarolineGrube, who lived very close to us in Virginia. After that, the connections and opportunities just kept occurring. We do not know the plans God has for us or for OBI, but we are open to whatever it is.

Olive Branch International (OBI) is dedicated to serving military and civilian families through medical and healthcare needs, educational training and family support.  Simply put, as a non-government organization, we respond to invitations by foreign governmental and military leaders to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide.  We provide long-term face-to-face, heart-to-heart care, compassion, and concern as we work to prevent or assist in the healing efforts of emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


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