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Providing Humanitarian Assistance Worldwide

Meet Jeff Jernigan, PhD

Chairman of the Board
Director of Medical Programs

Dr. Jernigan Serves as Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, and Medical Programs.
Jeff is a board certified mental health professional known for influencing change in people and organizations through innovative leadership and change management. More than twenty five years serving as CEO, COO, and CHRO in life science and healthcare industries provides a solid foundation for his work as a clinical professional. A lifetime focus on humanitarian aid is reflected in Jeff’s service as the Chief Executive Officer and cofounder with his wife Nancy (also a Ph D) for the Hidden Value Group, an organization bringing healing, health, and hope to the world through healthcare, education ,and leadership development. 
He is part of a five generation family tradition of military service dating back to WWI. Two sons, a son-in-law, and a grandson continue the tradition. As a disabled USMC combat veteran, Jeff is active in Veteran affairs, serving on a national task force improving access to mental health resources for Vets. He is recognized by the Wellness Council of America as one of the top 1% of wellness experts in the nation, as a subject matter expert on the prevention and treatment of self-directed violence by the American Association of Suicidolgy, and is an international expert in the neurology of stress fatigue, stress disorders, burnout, and suicidal ideation by the American Institute of Stress.

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