Update on Sierra Leone and the Ebola Outbreak Posted July 29, 2014 by obi-web


“Eight basic-trained hospital Chaplains are working in government hospitals in Freetown, Sierra Leone as the Ebola virus threatens the nation. Sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, and trained last October by the Virginia-based NGO, Olive Branch International, these hospital Chaplains work on the wards with patients and staff, providing comfort and guidance.

As the Ebola virus has now spread to the capital city in this nation of 6 million, the crisis will definitely impact the fragile health care system. On a normal daily OBI Chaplains provided supportive care to those in distress and greatly assist in a holistic model of patient care. The Ebola epidemic has proved difficult to contain as mistrust of Western health care systems has contributed to spread of the virus.

The Chaplains are presently working 130 hours a week in five area hospitals. The test is now not to simply put posters on the walls describing the symptoms of Ebola virus, but to maximize staff efforts to isolate and contain the virus. The OBI hospital Chaplains are now on the front lines of working to combat this horrific epidemic.”

Picture of Chaplain Paul, OBI Hospital Chaplain.

Picture of Chaplain Paul, OBI Hospital Chaplain.