Service Update 2012

OBI has had a busy year of international service. Assessment and achievements of service linked below.


  • Continuing support for Maranatha Baptist Church, school and food distribution center.
  • Support the construction of a new school building with an enrollment of 400.
  • Supported improvements to the structure of the church building which also serves as outreach center in poorest area of Port-au-Prince.
  • Encouraging the growth of the Haitian military Christian fellowship though visitation and long-range planning assistance.
  • Lead medical team to provide support to Haitians in the port area of Port-au-Prince.

Sierra Leone

  • Completed the OBI program for training war widows in sewing ending July 2012.
  • OBI completed the chaplains training with the Sierra Leone Armed Forces with 200 military, hospital, police and prison chaplains.
  • A second training session was done in outlying areas of Bo, and Lungi, Sierra Leone.


Olive Branch has conducted three training sessions with the Mongolian military, police and interior troops. A fourth iteration occurred in November 2012.


OBI, Global Mosaic, and the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC) – Malaysia co-hosted a conference of 500 attendees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The following week they led workshops for 37 on the role of a chaplain. Attendees are from the Borneo, China, India, Philippians, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Sri Lanka

  • Conducted training for over 150 medical professional and military leaders in the Army and Air Force in post-trauma stress debrief and counseling following the tsunami.
  • Trained the cadre and leadership team at the Ari Force’s Basic Training Center in counseling, crisis intervention, stress management, and suicide prevention
  • Built three homes for Sri Lankan military personnel whose families lost their homes in the tsunami. Following our example the government committed themselves to major building projects for wounded veterans.
  • Shipped a container of hospital equipment for the military’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka to help amputees and paralyzed military personnel from the 25-year war with the Tamil Tigers.
  • OBI facilitated assistance from the U.S. government to Sri Lanka to assistance in resolving the major issue of contaminated water in northern part of the country.Over 70,000 cases of kidney disease have been caused by the contaminated wells.


Olive Branch Ukraine has an ongoing, dynamic ministry among military personnel and their families in Ukraine.

Chaplains 2012

  • Chaplain(Retired) Don Cramblit attended a 3-day retreat at a lake in the forest at Balakhivka (near Alexandria), Ukraine. A result of the retreat was the formation of an association of military, hospital, prison, and police chaplains.
  • OBI helped establish a Chaplains Curriculum at Kiev Theological Seminary being lead by Dean Valentyn Korenevych, COL(retired), Ukrainian Armed
  • Since 1995, OBI has hosted or co-hosted 17 conferences and training events encouraging the establishment of the chaplaincy and teaching the skills of the modern day chaplain.

Club Ruth–Ongoing

  • Olive Branch sponsored a Military Wives Conference for 100 women in 2007 and 2011.
  • OBI has helped establish ministry to military wives that now has sixteen chapters spread throughout Ukraine. In Cherkassy region, Club Esther has begun developing village chapters.
  • OBI supported Zhanna Segeda as she lead a three day leaders retreat for 28 women from the women’s clubs in the forest on a lake near Alexandria, Ukraine. Gwen Cramblit represented OBI.

Military Dependents–Teenagers

  • The annual English Camp was held at Open Bible camp in the forest outside Cherkassy, Ukraine. There have been over 1,100 campers over the eleven years of camps.
  • Lt COL (Retired) Andrei & Tanya Budrov joined the OBU team as the director of the Camping Ministry in 2012. In 2013, OBU will expand to both the English Camp and the Extreme Camp (ropes courses, rappelling, and camping at a state park in western Ukraine).

Spin-off Ministries

Hospital Chaplains (Ongoing)

  • OBI shipped a container of hospital equipment to the Cherkassy Rayon Hospital, Cherkassy Oblast.
  • Especially noted is the equipment that was used to help reduce the early onset of heart disease and the diagnosis of breast cancer. Hundreds of lives were saved through the use of mammography equipment in an area with some of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world.
  • OBI established the first and only known hospital chaplaincy program in Ukraine. Now in its 9th year, Lt Col (Retired) Nicholai Dudko, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Rev Yura Balyaev, Rev Benjamin Balyaev, and Zoya continue to minister to patients at the Cherkassy regional hospital. Zoya is a specialist in AIDS and women’s issues counseling.
  • The hospital chaplains administer funds supplied by two churches in Iowa for the needs of abandoned children in the hospital’s children’s ward.

Spin off ministries sponsored by Olive Branch Ukraine

  • The Way of Truth Church – Contemporary services are focused on young people and provide follow up for English Campers.
  • Support of a battered women’s shelter.
  • Each club of Club Ruth has its own outreach ministry depending on their individual interests with orphans, street people, and the elderly.
  • Support of the ministry of the Ukrainian Military Christian Union