Noel Dawes — Board Member

Noel Dawes

Originally an Englishman, but now a naturalized US citizen, Noel Dawes became a career
infantry officer in the British Army in 1966, after two years of intensive training at The
Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, the British equivalent of West Point. He retired from
active duty as a lieutenant colonel after nearly thirty years service in 1994 and has since
served in various roles in Christian ministry and counseling. He has been a close friend,
confidante and supporter of OBI for many years, particularly through his service with ACCTS
(the Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching and Service), another member of the
Fellowship of Christian Military Ministries.

Noel has extensive command and operational experience at all levels of military organization and has an extensive background of service internationally. He has served in uniform in Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Oman, Trucial States of the Arabian Gulf, and, of course, the four countries of the United Kingdom.

Married since 1970, Noel and his wife, Meryl, have 2 adult married sons. After leaving the Army, for ten years Noel and Meryl worked on the Field Staff of ACCTS as non-resident missionaries to Eastern Europe. Their desire then and now is to encourage and assist military members, including their families and those who aspire to be chaplains, to rediscover their historical Christian heritage after the demise of communism. Since 2004, they have been particularly engaged in work as Military Chaplain Care and Support Coordinator for ACCTS. In that role, they lead, coordinate, encourage, inspire and minister to US military chaplains on the east coast of the US, supporting and caring for them, their assistants and their families.

A special interest today is The Welcome Home Initiative, seeking to bring healing and comfort to combat veterans, wounded warriors and their families through a retreat held three times annually in Greenwich, NY. Noel and Meryl live in Glens Falls, NY. Noel’s hobbies include his family, swimming, reading, bird-watching, photography, sight-seeing and teaching those who are not members of the British Commonwealth how to play cricket.

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