Mission Statement

Olive Branch International (OBI) is dedicated to serving those who serve in armed-forces uniforms around the world. Simply put, as a non-government organization, we respond to invitations by foreign governmental and military leaders to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide. We provide long-term face-to-face, heart-to-heart care, compassion and concern as we work to prevent or assist in the healing efforts of mental, moral, psychological or physical wounds.

Whatever the uniform or nation, we find that the life of the serviceman is similar worldwide.

  • Sacrificial – enduring personal hardships and continuous family separations
  • Challenging – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Accountable – despite inherent risks, including threat of death and injury, focusing singularly upon mission accomplishment
  • Rewarding – performing honorable service, contributing to national security, and experiencing personal growth
  • Selfless – surrendering individuality and personal desires to meet the needs of their nation

What does OBI want to accomplish?

What are our overarching objectives?

To provide:

  • Positive influence, by applying a holistic approach to individuals, military families, and entire military communities
  • Equitable access, to all nations, all ranks, all branches of service, and all components of uniformed service – active, reserve and internal security forces
  • Enhanced military readiness and personal competence, by affording tailored support to areas of expressed need

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