Addressing the Ebola Virus Disease and Trauma Posted August 13, 2014 by obi-web


An insightful article. The need for treatment is twofold: one begins with treating the viral infection and doing the best to improve medical outcomes, while the other treatment involves the counselling of those affected by the psychological trauma of such epidemics. Such psychological needs are often neglected and in require further support.

“There is a compelling need for the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to scale up trauma counselling during and after the Ebola outbreak. This is so badly needed because following the death of Sierra Leone’s only virologist and lead-fighter against Ebola, Dr. Sheikh Humarr Khan (from Ebola) a fortnight ago, my volunteer line to provide free trauma counselling continues to be inundated with calls almost round the clock from doctors, nurses and frontline health workers who have one form of anxiety or the other.”