2013 Service in the Ukraine Posted March 13, 2014 by obi-web


October 28-November 8
Olive Branch Ukraine (OBU) invited an American team of military wives to be speakers at conference for Ukrainian military wives and women at Kiev Theological Seminary. The American team, lead by Paula Halvorson, also included Linda Sanford, Diane Carnahan, Kris Harper and Kathy Thompson, shared ideas on how to minister to military women in Ukraine. The conference, lead by Zhanna Segeda, wife of an active duty colonel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and director of the Women’s Ministry for OBU, was the 4th International Conference on Women’s Ministry with ladies from Ukraine, the United States, Belarus and Russia. Seventy Ukrainian leaders and international delegates spent two days discussing ways to support military families.
The initial small group, called Club Ruth, has multiplied into 15 chapters spread around this the largest country in Europe, over the last six years. Both before and after the conference the American team traveled to Khmelnitsky, Kherson, and Alexandria to meet ladies from a few local chapters.